Regalo Bed Rail

The Regalo Bed Rail offers a safe, comfortable way for your toddler to complete a crib for an adult-sized bed. Made with sturdy steel construction, the long bed rail may be set up in minutes and provides a snug fit with no gaps involving the mattress and rail.

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The patented Regalo feature allows the bed rail to conveniently fold down and slide between the box and mattress spring when not in use.

Sturdy Construction having a Secure Fit

The all-steel frame offers a strong, safe barrier that prevents your son or daughter from falling from bed while sleeping. The patented Gap Guard system features two braces that retain the bedrail tightly up against the opposite side of the mattress.

regalo bed rail reviewThis helps to ensure that the bed rail fails to shift or slip at night time and prevents unwanted gaps.

The bedrail is 56 inches long to provide maximum coverage, whilst the sidewall is 20 inches high, therefore it can accommodate the thickest of mattresses.

Besides the bed rail fulfill the American Society for Materials and Testing (ASTM) standards and it is certified from the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA), it’s also PVC- and lead-free.

Fast and simple Set Up and Storage

There are no tools required to setup the bedrail, so it’s suitable for busy parents and caregivers. When you need to hold the bed rail away, the HideAway technology incorporates an exclusive Glide Trac system that allows the bed rail to fold flat.

It rolls smoothly and tucks in easily involving the mattress and box spring. This keeps the bed rail stored discretely when not being utilised and allows access to the mattress for changing bedding and comforters.

Wipes Clean and Lightweight for Travel

A durable mesh nylon fabric covers the steel frame, making it comfortable to touch. For more convenience, the fabric is simple to maintain clean by just wiping using a damp washcloth.

Regalo Bed Rails

The bedrail measures 56 inches long and 20 inches tall for additional security as well as your peace of mind. The Regalo bed rail is backed with a manufacturer’s limited 90-day warranty.

About Regalo: Safety and Convenience Most Importantly

Regalo is an industry leader in products that make life rather less hectic for busy caregivers and exceptionally safe for kids. The complete product line uses non-toxic powder coat and products such as bed rails, safety gates, and booster seats that are qualified for meeting ASTM standards and JPMA certification just do that.

Over the parents, grandparents and years and caregivers have come to know and depend on Regalo products for both at home and on the move.

Through the Manufacturer

The Hide Away extra long is 56″ long. It is actually no more an inconvenience to make your bed or changing the sheets. This can be simple to assemble with no tools are required.

The Hideaway feature doesn’t get when it comes to making the bed or changing the sheets. “Extra Long 54″ For Additional Security”. The actual size of the bed rail assembled is 56″ long (hinge point).

Product Description

The Hide Away extra long is 56″ long. It is actually forget about a headache for making your bed or changing the sheets. This can be very easy to assemble without any tools are essential.

The Hideaway feature doesn’t get when it comes to making the bed or changing the sheets. “Extra Long 54″ For Added Security”. The particular scale of the Regalo Bed Rail assembled is 56″ long (hinge point).

Regalo Bed Rail User Reviews

regalo bed rail instructionsI’ve had it for 3 weeks and I love it. My 8 month old daughter sleeps in the bed along with us and after falling your bed 3 times while we were in deep sleep I chose to check out a bed rail. After carefully reviewing all the rails possible, this one is affordable and incredibly sturdy.

I know that you will find a “hazard” sign onto it nevertheless it fits so close to my mattress that there is absolutely no way my daughter could easily get stuck between it. I would personally recommend this product to EVERYONE!

Simple to assemble although I did so need my hubby to assist me anchor it to the mattress. There exists a king size mattress along with its almost provided that our bed. Love the product!

This can be a great product. The length is good for my daughter, who rolls all around the bed at night. Assembly instructions were kind of vague, but assembly was pretty easy. The only problem I ran into was with the platic adjuster for your straps which go beneath the mattress. When I went to lock the strap to the length I needed, the plastic piece snapped completely apart and should not be fixed. I would recommend this bed rail to anyone, but warn them to be gentle with the plastic pieces.

I had hunted low and high for a long bed rail because my son’s big boy bed is very high and that he moves around alot as he sleeps. I used to be pleasantly surprised at the reasonable price for this particular extra long bed rail and much more pleased when I received the product and discovered how sturdy it is actually.

My son has slept in his big boy bed since the 1st night we tried it without problems and I absolutely love that this rail folds down (easily! ) and slids underneath the bed and from sight when I want to create the bed or must modify the sheets. My only hang up was needing two individuals to secure the rail under the mattress however i don’t find out how else you might get it done! overall, this Regalo bed rail continues to be fantastic!

Top Bed Rails for Toddlers : Regalo HideAway, Mesh Bed and Magic Bumpers

The safety of a child when sleeping is one thing that many parents take very seriously. Apart from overheating, many people are a making a significant step towards ensuring their children do not fall off their beds.

Guess this could be one of the keys reasons many parents are nowadays investing so much on bed rails for toddlers. Ideally, when you are moving your child from a cot to bigger bed, you must first consider how you are going to stop him or her from falling when sleeping.

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However, with bed rails, you surely do not have to worry anymore. Bed rails from brands of Regalo and Magic Bumpers perform a remarkable job when it comes to keeping the child in bed.

1. Regalo HideAway bed rail

With this design of bed rails, there is no way you will go wrong. This item is quite effective for its wide and tall design makes it a must have in any toddler bedroom. This type of bed rail is quite sturdy for it cannot be shaken easily.

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Additionally, the steel frame that accompanies this bed rail actually offers one of the strongest barriers that will effectively prevent your child when sleeping. Its assembly is not that easy. However, once you learn how to successfully fit into your child bed, you will find the whole process to be quite simple.

2. Mesh Bed Rail for Toddler

This is another popular type of bed rails for toddlers. This item has actually been crafted from the best and durable steel materials. Additionally, it comes with a mesh screen that is very soft and you can effectively attach it to your kids crib.

This type of bed rail is comparatively effective and it will surely protect your young child from falling down. As a matter of fact, quite a number of parents who have used this item will definitely give it a star rating.bed rail for toddler

However, if you want this convertible mesh crib to work right, you need to raise the bed a notch higher. All in all, it is the best and it is surely one of the best bed rails that you can actually rely on. With only $32 you will be able to get this piece of item for your kid.

3. Foam bed rails like Magic Bumpers

This of course is another popular bed rails. It is quite simple to fit and it is very discreet for it can comfortably sit underneath the bed sheets.

With foam bed rails such as Magic Bumpers, you do not actually have to fit and unfit on daily basis. If you compare with other well known brands such as Regalo bed rail this one is relatively cheaper. It is the best alternative to those traditional bed rails and worth every consideration.

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With many people being first time parents, choosing the right bed rails for their children can prove to be very difficult. With several designs and styles in the market and with no first hand information, there is no way this first time parents will get it right. Striking both affordability and the right bed rails is not one of those simple tasks.

Review different bed rails and subsequently pick the one that you think you can afford and that comes with all the features that will provide complete protection to your toddler.